I'm a Doctor of Science (Technology) from the Department of Automation and Systems Technology, School of Electrical Engineering, Aalto University and a Master of Art, from Media Lab at University of Art and Design Helsinki. I have co-authored four books about embedded systems, translated to 14 languages, over 500 000 sold. I have also authored internationally published scientific journal articles concerning IoT, sensors, robot prototyping and satellite development. I'm currently working as a CTO in a hardware manufacturer that specializes in IoT and AI technology. Before that I worked as a CEO in a leading company specializing in AV automation in Finland.

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Over half a million sold

I have written four books about embedded systems including Amazon.com category #1 best sellers
"Make: Arduino Bots and Gadgets", "Make: Getting Started with Sensors" and "Make: Sensors".
"Sulautetut" was the first Arduino book in Finnish. My books have been translated to 14 languages.

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Satellite Sun Sensors

Finland launched her first two satellites in 2017. I designed and built the sun sensor prototype
with Tero Karvinen. Sun sensors are a part of the navigation subsystem in both satellites.
At the time of publishing the peer-reviewed article it was the smallest and the most inexpensive
sun sensor available. Final packaging and test campaign was done by Tuomas Tikka.

Read the peer-reviewed journal article "IoT Rapid Prototyping Laboratory Setup"
published in Journal of Small Satellites (JoSS).


Framework for selecting sensors for a novice use

Using breakout physical computing toolkits, such as Arduino, has become a common practice of both engineers and non-engineers
alike. While these development platforms solve many low-level challenges, getting started with embedded system prototyping may
seem overwhelming for novices. Choosing novice friendly sensors can make a substantial difference.

Read the peer-reviewed journal article "Choosing novice friendly sensors"
published in International Journal of Electrical Engineering Education (IJEEE).

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Between 2013-2017 I worked as a software development director
in a large-scale situational awareness presentation system
development project produced for the Finnish Defense Forces.
The value of the whole project was approximately 10 million €.

Design Museum Helsinki - California: Designing Freedom
Including our book Getting Started with Sensors

Read more about California: Designing Freedom from designmuseum.fi
or from New Scientist "How Californian design helped us to transform the world"


One-minute grocery shopping

Ordering groceries online and collecting them from a store on the way home is fast & easy.
ZeeVending Click & Collect automation offers customers a pleasant and easy pick-up
experience and an efficient solution for the company to deliver orders. In the end of year
2021 all food pick-up automations (over 100 locations) of the biggest grocery chains in Finland
were using our solution. Management and design was done with Juho Jakka. Background illustration
by Vilma Lappalainen. Visit ZeeVending.com

Read the peer-reviewed journal article "IoT Rapid Prototyping Laboratory Setup"
published in International Journal of Engineering Education (IJEE).

Photos from the IoT-workshop at the University of Lapland. The course was held
and the article was co-authored with Tero Karvinen.

Even novice engineers and non-engineer students can design
and build an Internet of Things (IoT) prototype in four days.


Smart refrigeration monitoring and optimization

Krispi communicates with devices made by any manufacturer, with any model or interface.
With Krispi you can achieve significant savings of up to tens of percents in energy and
maintenance costs. Our hardware+software+cloud solution is used in over 300 locations.
Management and design was done with Juho Jakka. Illustration by Vilma Lappalainen.

Read more from krispi.fi

Robot was a part of our presentations in Maker Faire San Mateo, California
(Evolution of a Robot - Learn to Prototype Anything) and in Mozilla
headquarters, Silicon Valley (Prototyping Open Source Robots).
ZenBot was made with Tero Karvinen and Ville Valtokari.

ZenBot - a mind-controlled robot

I'm a Doctor of Science (Technology) from the Department of Automation and Systems Technology,
School of Electrical Engineering, Aalto University. My doctoral dissertation explores which tools
and processes would lower the threshold of designing embedded systems, enabling non-engineers
and novice engineers to turn their innovations into working prototypes in such way that the
workflow allows experimentational prototypes to evolve into deployable embedded systems.

Lowering barriers on embedded system design
- Turning innovations into prototypes




This book is what makes the Maker movement kick some tail. -Joseph T.

Must-Have Idea Book for Physical Computing, Mechatronics, Arts & Crafts Fabrication -Ira Laefsky

This is, hands down, one of the most fun courses I've ever investigated in electronics. -Blake

This primer bridges both worlds of Arduino and Raspberry Pi with excellent attention to details for the uninitiated. -Matha Goram

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Absolutely tops! I am a total 'newbie' to electronics--this was exactly what I wanted to learn, and they taught it! -Helene Tomlinson

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Helping me with my weather station. -Charlie Brown

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Bought for a student to use as a learning guide for exploring Arduino on his own at home -Bryan Glover

The book does assume that you have experience with Arduino programming. I found it to be a real pleasure to read, but I must admit that, had I come across this book last year, I probably would have understood 0.00% of it. -Oskar Pineño

Makes it a natural starting point for anyone experimenting with robotics, automation and control. -Rick Cook

Talking as a person who is not a robotics specialist I have to say I really liked this book. I thinks it is comprehensive and easy to follow. It is well structured, first the mechanical part and then the software part. And I think it is very interesting that they tell us about how to "recycle" materials to build it. -avid Fernández

The instructions are well structured and clearly written. Anyone should be able to follow them. Little tips here and there make book a refreshing read. I would recommend this book for anyone interested in Arduino, tinkering and brainstuff! -Panu Koskela

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